Earthquake Lesson Plan: Tracking Earthquakes Around the World - Grade 8-10.
The goal of this lesson is that students will develop a better understanding of the theory of plate techtonics and how plate movement and earthquakes are related. Students will learn to use real-time web based technology to comprehend how earthquakes occur and why earthquakes frequently occur along fault lines. Students will master the use of the internet to reserach and report on worldwide earthquake activity.

During the lesson, I will have the students review seismology terms by playing a game using the Smart Speller software on the classroom SMART Board interactive whiteboard. The students will play the game by listening to an audio recording of each term and then writing the word letter by letter in the spaces provided on the SMART Board.

Working with a "lab buddy", the students will create a photo story demonstrating how the Earth's plates have moved since the formation of the supercontinent Pangea and describe the processes that cause plate movement. The students will use pictures from the internet using Photo Story 3 and include music, narration and text in their photo story. The goals are to acquaint students with the concept that the Earth is a dynamic ever changing planet and to help students to understand that the Eart's plates have been moving for millions of years and are still moving today.
Required materials:
  • computer
  • headset with microphone
  • internet connection
  • Photo Story 3